New rehabbed Condominiums in Hyde Park – Woodlawn  four 3 - bedroom Condos  and  two larger Duplexes     close to University of Chicago and the Hospitals    gorgeous interior & a private backyard


I am the developer of this building. Due to the great success of my previous Condo conversion project on Greenwood Avenue. I began working on this new building. After renovation it will house six condominiums. It will be completely gutted down to the brick and professionally rehabbed.  I invite you to take a few minutes to learn more about these Condominiums. (Now it's ready to move in)

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Almost sold out - only 1 unit is available

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Neighborhood information

Hyde Park is a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, located seven miles south of the Chicago Loop. It is home to the Museum of Science and Industry, The DuSable Museum of African American History and the University of Chicago.

Woodlawn is a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, USA bounded by Jackson Park to the east, the University of Chicago (and Hyde Park generally) to the north, Martin Luther King Drive to the west, and, mostly, 67th to the south.

Hyde Park was founded by Paul Cornell in the 1850 south of Chicago. In 1861, the village of Hyde Park was incorporated, extending from 39th to 63rd Streets. The southern border was later extended as far as 138th Street. The community was organized as a township and was independent of Chicago until 1889. As a township, Hyde Park stretched from 39th Street south to 138th Street and as far west as State Street; but as a neighborhood, its definition shrank to a core area grouped closely around Cornell's development on 53rd Street and the lakefront. Today, the name Hyde Park is applied to the neighborhood from 51st Street ("Hyde Park Blvd.") to Midway Plaisance Blvd. or simply "The Midway." The neighborhood's eastern boundary is Lake Michigan and its western boundary is Washington Park. Some refer to the area between 47th Street and 51st Street ("E. Hyde Park Blvd.") as a part of Hyde Park, although this area is technically the south half of the Kenwood neighborhood. (From Wikipedia)

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$35 million gift to University of Chicago will help build new art center            New

                                                                                                by “Chicago Tribune"

 .... A Chicago investment banker and his family are giving $35 million to the University of Chicago for a planned $100 million arts center that is to serve the campus and its South Side neighbors. The arts center has been proposed for a site at 60th Street and Ingleside Avenue. It would be south of the Midway Plaisance and on the same block as the Midway Studios, where sculptor Lorado Taft once worked...

University of Chicago Campus extends south

The University of Chicago Master Plan calls for extensive construction and beautification on the block-wide stretch of campus between East 60th and 61st Streets and South Cottage Grove and Stony Island Avenues.

Students consider investing in Hyde Park real estate

Second-year in the College Emily Brice thought it might be wise to forgo the traditional apartment search in lieu of something more permanent upon moving out of the dorms—her ow place. So, seeking to avoid inattentive landlords and gain more personal jurisdiction over her living arrangements, as well as turn her living environment into a real investment, Brice strongly considered purchasing a condominium in Hyde Park. is a top distributor for crowd control stanchions. Crowd control stanchions can be found everywhere including condo buildings, banks, movie theatres, airports, retail stores, concerts, government buildings and schools. Whiles some crown control stanchions are used for security purposes, many are utilizes to improve efficiency and help customers get in and out quickly.

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