1SDuplex4 Bedroom, 1 Family room & 3 Bathroom.                                     Click here to see and print the layout. (Sold on March 2008)
(click on the link to see the floor plan)

1N - Duplex, 4 Bedroom, 1 Family room & 3 Bathroom.
 Click here to see and print the layout. (Sold)

2S - 3 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom, $219,900
Click here to see and print the layout.  (Sold)

2N is For rent by a new owner -  (Rented) $1695/mo
click here for information about renting

3S - 3 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom(Sold)
Click here to see and print the layout.

3N - 3 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom, $224,900
Click here to see and print the layout.

Attention University of Chicago and Hospitals employees! You might be eligible to get up to $7,500 towards closing costs. Click here for more information.

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Local (and global) developments

NEW ..... For news articles about the developments in Hyde Park area including an article about a largest $700m single health care investment in history of South Side (just a few blocks North from this building) click here.


Windermere West – a new 26-story condominium destined for Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood.
       by Wired

  … Jeanne Gang's simple approach to reducing energy use - she tilted two-thirds of the south-facing floor-to-ceiling windows away from the sun, letting the structure make its own shade — no duckbill protrusions required … Read the full story here: Windermere West

$35 million gift to University of Chicago will help build new art center
by “Chicago Tribune"  

.... A Chicago investment banker and his family are giving $35 million to the University of Chicago for a planned $100 million arts center that is to serve the campus and its South Side neighbors. The arts center has been proposed for a site at 60th Street and Ingleside Avenue. It would be south of the Midway Plaisance and on the same block as the Midway Studios, where sculptor Lorado Taft once worked...  You can find the whole article by clicking here: the University of Chicago Art Center

Chicago Given Edge Over L.A. To Win 2016 Games    New      by WBBM Chicgo

A Web site that specializes in Olympics coverage is giving Chicago an edge over Los Angeles in its bid to land the 2016 Summer Games.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports the editor of the site aroundtherings.com, Ed Hula, has covered the Olympics for 20 years. He says Chicago outranks Los Angeles in the compactness of its venues, the legacy the Games would leave, transportation, cost and public enthusiasm for the games.

In fact, Hula told WBBM, Mayor Daley boosted the city's chances mightily by producing financial guarantees within a week of the time the U-S Olympic Committee evaluators asked for one.  >>read more

                                                                           by University of Chicago Cronicle

Architects compete to design new center for arts

The University of Chicago released news about their plans to build a new 180,000-square-foot, $100- million Center for the Creative and Performing Arts only two blocks west from this Condominium Building or more precisely - less than 500 yards away >>> read more

Campus extends south                                                           by Chicago Maroon

Construction on South Campus is proceeding well ....... The U of C Master Plan calls for extensive construction and beautification on the block-wide stretch of campus between East 60th and 61st Streets and South Cottage Grove and Stony Island Avenues >>> read more

Students consider investing in Hyde Park real estate         by Chicago Maroon

Second-year in the College Emily Brice thought it might be wise to forgo the traditional apartment search in lieu of something more permanent upon moving out of the dorms—her ow place. So, seeking to avoid inattentive landlords and gain more personal jurisdiction over her living arrangements, as well as turn her living environment into a real investment, Brice strongly considered purchasing a condominium in Hyde Park. >>> read more

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